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Incalculably, we shift in our bones.
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by kajico**

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bunny eating rasberries

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SONG: The Breaking of the Fellowship.
ARTIST: Howard Shore.
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Vasantha Yogananthan - La Traversée

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is a design based on one of Mucha’s illustrations!  I plan to complete a whole series of princess and mucha mashups.  You can get this as a print on Society6 or Redbubble, and as a shirt on RB and S6 currently (will add to Teepublic soon, after a nap!) .  Enjoy!

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"It’s 20 years, and 54 minutes later, but this winter, there’s an unpleasant chill in the air. After learning her father died because the piemaker brought his mother back to life, Chuck disappeared into the night. The piemaker considered the places to find Chuck. The places she’d run, the places she called home."

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Handsomedogs’ Photography Contest VI

Here are the top 10! If your image isn’t here, please don’t feel discouraged… There were lots to choose from!

The only way your vote will count, is if it is a response to the question below. Reblogs and Messages do not count! It is very helpful for me to tally the votes if you just copy an paste the image’s caption!

Voting ends 07/19/2014

Which image should be the winner of the Handsomedogs’ Photography Contest?

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